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Yappy Birthday!

I just had a random conversation with a stranger that was so long, it had chapters.

​It happened when I was looking at birthday cards for my brother.

The lady next to me started laughing at a card she read.

And I should've left it at that.

Me: "They're all pretty funny. But then you see how much they cost.

And put it back."

Her: "Oh I just love this one. [she couldn't stop chuckling] My father

would've loved it. He was a very smart man. I miss him so much.

He died in '81..."

- About 27 minutes later, she's still talking -

"And you know what my niece did while we were driving?

She grabbed the steering wheel and drove us into the guardrail.

The airbags went off, the car was totaled, and I could've lost both

my legs. But in that moment, you know what the lord told me?"

I thought to myself 'Um, to not talk for so long? And that your niece

is crazy?'

Her: "He told me to rely on him because he's the one that's gonna make

everything better. And so I relied on him."

Me: "Yeah, that sounds pretty intense. [I took a few steps back] Alright,

you take care. And good luck with your family!"

Here's what I learned from this experience: Next time, I'll write the card myself.

But in all honesty, this lady was fairly pleasant. Hopefully she settles everything

with her family. She just has to work on her timing. That's all : )


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