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Turkey Brotherhood

"Eat Us" is one of the most delightfully addictive show tunes I've ever heard.

The Thanksgiving Day theme is impeccably woven into the iconic pop culture macabre movie Addams Family Values. Each verse conveys a message of inclusive brotherhood, one that revolves around sharing in the infallible deliciousness of moist turkey meat. I think the funniest part about this scene is that it randomly takes place during summer camp, and no explanation is ever given.

Even the casting is hilarious — showing that the summer camp attendees who were seen as 'odd' were either cast as Indian savages, or completely ostracized from the tawdry production.

I must give credit to Marc Shaiman and Paul Rudnick for concocting such a brilliant masterpiece. Most of all, my highest gratitude goes to the performers whose efforts made it possible to bring Gary Granger's vision to life. The song is tacky, yet satisfying, like late-night slices of pumpkin pie. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, playing this song before dinner is a must!

Now, go eat!


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