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The Laughing Pharmacist

Pharmacies have such a stale atmosphere.

The employees can seem too serious at times, hardly ever expressing any emotion.

They're like the Queen's Guards - minus the bearskin hats.

I went to fill a script today. And this was my chance to see if I could catch

a technician off guard. Keep in mind, I'm a male.

Me: "Hi. Just a drop off."

Her: "Date of birth?"

Me: "June 28th."

Her: "Have you ever filled with us before?"

Me: "I have, but it was a while back."

Her: "Ah, okay. The system deletes everything if it's been a long time."

Me: "Oh... Well back then I only got my birth control filled here."

She parted from the screen and looked up at me in slow motion.

Then she blinked twice before slowly returning to the screen.

After a couple of seconds, she again looked up at me in slow motion

and blinked twice before going back to finish my information.

Her: "Did you wanna wait for this?"

Me: "Yeah. About how long?"

Her: "Ten minutes."

I could've asked where the tampons were as I waited, but I chose to spare her

any more bewilderment.

BTW, I told her I was joking. And got her to laugh! I succeeded!


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