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The Dog Stalker

Updated: May 6, 2018

I don’t like creepers.

At all.

Earlier today, I decided to take my very restless Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix for a walk.

Her name’s Gracie.

We went to Flag City - a small plaza off the freeway, near my house. It’s surrounded by lots

of vineyards and farmland. Basically, it’s a concrete island in the middle of California country. One large block consisting of a Starbucks, a Chevron, and a small RV campground.

As I began to walk my dog, I noticed a red car with two people drive by. I couldn’t see their faces completely, since the visors were down. But I did see a young, smiling lady. And what I believed to be a young man driving.

I keep walking… Heading south on the sidewalk, then turning east.

All of a sudden, the car that passed me earlier passes by again. Meanwhile, my dog does her "thing" on the dirt. And again, the red car comes back around. They’re coming opposite of my direction. A total of three times by now.

They head north, then east, then south, then west. An endless ride around the block.

At this point, I start to wonder what’s up.

Then they do a fourth pass. I pretend not to notice, paying laser-sharp attention to my dog and her sniffing routine.

Gracie and I start walking back to my car. Actually - we speed walk to the car and take off.

I never saw the red car again. And had no clue as to why they were stalking me. But if I did get the chance to ask them why, I would hope it went like this:

Me: "Why are you stalking me?"

Them: "Sorry! We didn’t mean to freak you out. It’s just that our car only makes right-hand turns."


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