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Lights, Camera-san, Action!

I was in the electronics store earlier today, looking for camera accessories.

While standing in the aisle reading product descriptions, I overheard an older man in the next aisle schooling a younger guy about the importance of quality filmmaking.

I assumed that the older man was helping a student put together a film project.

Their voices eventually became clear and fully audible. Within seconds, the younger guy chuckles and asks "So, your nickname is Flash? Ha ha! What kind of name is that?"

The older man snapped back like a grumpy chihuahua and replied "That’s none of your damn business!" And then they continued to discuss what to buy, as if nothing happened.

It was hard to do, but I kept quiet, trying my best not to laugh. Their snappy exchange was like something out of a movie scene. I imagine their relationship was similar to that of Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san from the Karate Kid (except this was a lesson in filmmaking — not martial arts).

Now, if the kid would’ve asked me 'what kind of a name is Flash?', I’d say "My mother was a camera, my father was a tripod! Shut up and film, dammit!"

Then I would’ve taken another puff of my Cuban cigar. Or a swig of scotch before passing out in a shabby director’s chair.

LOL. Strangers can be so funny sometimes.

"No! I said three olives in the martini shot! Not two!"


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