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Ask the average copywriter to define 'The Cloud' for you.
I bet they won't give you a concise answer.

What is the cloud?

It's online data storage and management.

What's Salesforce?

It's a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform.


Salesforce falls under a category called SaaS

(software as a service). SaaS is a service in which software is distributed through online subscriptions.


CRM platforms help you manage sales, solve issues, analyze data, understand customers, and efficiently oversee all operations of your business.


Salesforce also has built-in artificial intelligence. This feature, called Einstein AI, learns how your customers shop and even carries out certain functions to simplify your workload.

I wrote and designed these banner ads to introduce smaller businesses to CRM platforms. The idea was to keep the language conversational and maintain a user-friendly approach. I always use simplicity when working with technical subject matter. This helps the audience see the message clearly.


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