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A Nun's Life Ministry
The number of nuns and sisters is on decline. These are pro bono social media ads I created to help bolster interest in the vocation of sisterhood.
My inspiration for this campaign stems from the "We Can Do It!" wartime poster created by J. Howard Miller in 1943.

At, you’ll meet people of all ages, spiritual persuasions, and cultures, offering diverse perspectives to nurture our own lives and relationships with God.

And even though A Nun’s Life Ministry isn’t just for nuns, you’ll find lots of sisters and nuns here, from a wide variety of congregations. You’ll meet people in other forms of consecrated life too, such as hermits, religious brothers, and consecrated virgins. The traditions of consecrated life have thrived for centuries, and they offer food for thought for everyone on spiritual journey today!

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"Humanity wouldn't exist without the unrivaled power of women. Put your god-given talents into action. Join the sisterhood."

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