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Blue Shield of California
I worked on various campaigns, including naming products, direct mailers, online pieces, selling materials, and pretty much anything you can think of.
The most important assignment I had was a year-long position as the copywriter for health care reform. My task was to implement all of the new mandates into Blue Shield's plethora of marketing materials.
These examples are the projects I generally
worked on.
I was also the lead copywriter for two award-winning campaigns:
Sales Activator
Showcase of Print Excellence - Gold 2009
Suite Deal
San Francisco Gallery Impression Awards
First Place, 2008
See a preview of them HERE.
Quote and Apply online tool
This mailer had perforated doors that peeled away to reveal copy.
OverAll Health
Member-facing campaign
OverAll Health is Blue Shield's main incentive-based program. It offers financial rewards for participation in the online wellness programs.
Suite Deal
B2B-facing campaign
The Suite Deal campaign introduced a new health plan for small businesses. It was a wild success - both on the marketing side and on the consumer side.
Suite Deal embodied the tone of playing cards.
And the big idea was "You've been dealt a winning hand."
It was a sweet deal for everyone.

"You've Been Dealt a Winning Hand"

Front and back of mailer
See body copy
Healthy Lifestyle Rewards
Consumer-facing campaign
Healthy Lifestyle Rewards (HLR) is part of the OverAll Health program family. HLR encouraged members to track their fitness goals, vitals, and healthy habits. In return, participants received cash rewards. This program was often promoted for CalPERS (California Public Employees' Retirement System).
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